Thursday, January 22, 2015

New Logo!

I recently worked with Ashley over at FancyBelle on Etsy for a new design for my shop!

When I changed my name to The Merrie Wanderer I wanted my shop and products to inspire creativity, adventure, and a little bit of curiosity. I know that the vector design of arrows are very in right now, as I've seen a bunch of shops and designs with similar logos. But regardless, I was really drawn to this style of a design because I think it really incorporates a lot of what I was and am going for with my shop.

Even though the logo isn't inclusive, I don't so much mind actually.

What do you think about it? Was it a good choice?

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Getting the word out

I've definitely found it hard to get customers and followers to know about new products and bring in any interest about it.

I've seen that one particular product of mine seems to have taken off and customers really enjoy it. But whenever I bring in a new item to my shop I've seen that those items really don't get any attention or interest. I don't really know how else to make these items pop in my shop.

Any suggestions?

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New year, new adventures!

As my first official post for my shop's blog, I'd like to say hello to anyone out there reading this!

I've had at least one blog since I was in the 7th grade (Xanga...anyone remember that? Ah, the glory days of my first blog) and to be honest, I'm currently running 7 blogs right now over on Tumblr. So needless to say I'm excited to start yet another blogging adventure, and this time, to talk about and feature my crafts and Etsy shop, The Merrie Wanderer!

So...introductions are in order!

I'm Zaida, creator over at The Merrie Wanderer. Before opening my shop this past September, I recently graduated from a performing arts college in Hollywood, California. I graduated with a degree in Acting -- theatre has truly been my first love. But since graduating, I struggled with finding a job and had to move to Boise, Idaho because of finances. I'm actually originally from Hawai`i but moved to my mom's here in the Gem state. It was also hard to find a job once I moved here due to my lack of having a car, so I figured I'd give the online small shop business a shot to hopefully produce a little pocket change to handle day-to-day costs.

My shop, originally called Paperland Crafts, started out as a "hobby" in the sense that I enjoyed making handmade crafts and I didn't really think it'd turn out to be a long term thing. But now as we head into the new year, I'm switching my gears and the possibility that my shop can become something more permanent. Fingers crossed! I changed the name a few weeks ago to The Merrie Wanderer to suit my style a bit more. Originally inspired by "the merry wanderer," which is a reference to Puck (my favorite character and dream role) from Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream (my favorite play). I like to create crafts and products that inspire creativity, adventure, and a bit of whimsy -- much like Puck!

Just the other day, I reached 100 sales, which I was both stoked and shocked about!

I'm so incredibly thankful and humbled by the support I've been shown by buyers and fellow shop owners.

I'm excited to see where my shop takes me and all the different creative things I'll be learning along the way. Thanks for reading everyone, happy crafting!

Keep creating. Stay inspired.